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The chronicles of our life are written upon the sands of time, a monument to the fact that we indeed did pass this way once, and likewise our time on earth is burnt into our spirit never to be forgotten, with us always, to reflect upon and relive in our thoughts.

Within the consequences of your illusions, lies the reality of all your tomorrows. As within the confines of your minds, Can be found the seeds that will make you grow and excel.

Success comes when we learn to use what is, and what is not, with equal facility.

So this is the story called my life that I wrote across time, second by second, how it will end is still a unknown, perhaps I should call it a mystery – the story that was, is, and will not end.

Wealth is an abstract form, and judged in many ways, be it money, or talents, and so on. Judge which is most required, then spend your life searching for that wealth,and you will attain it.

If you surrender your free will, someone is bound to take the reins, and lead you to a place, that is truly not of your own desire.

Who chose the colours that we see. The rich blue sky and the grass so green. To look at the sky, is to look towards infinity, which everyone would conclude should be black! Then why is the grass not pink you may say, it may be, but we don't see it that way!

Oh dance with me, through this dance called life, and hold me tight so I won't fall. Wipe away each tear, that makes me strong, each moment of laughter to ease all pain. Dance with me slowly, oh concept of time, that with each passing moment I will grow. With each beat of my heart creates the music of life, so dance with me though this window of time called life.

There are many negative forces around us, it is imperative not to give them power. Suppress them and they will gradually fade, then disappear, never to return.

So you conclude, to elude, the cause of your discontent. Those devils their inside you, won't let you face the truth.

Your life will be a song in time, music of the moment expressed in the beating of your heart. Savour every second, every thought; for all you will take with you from this life are your memories.
Dreams of mortal men, are purely the reflection of his desires, brought into reality by the whim of a never resting mind.