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Liberations page is based on the concept that you can liberate yourself from any situation that you don't approve of or like.

Is it wrong that we are judged by what we are rather than what we could be given the chance. For surely we will be a different person tomorrow that what we are today, no matter what happens. As we continue to evolve our illusions can be reality and our reality an illusion.

The circle of our lives unwind, revealing time's unending cycle. If the choices are ours to make, then make the best life you can create.

The arrows that others aim at you can be either absorbed or deflected. It is far better to deflect such arrows of hate, loathing or vengeance than have the harm you.

Is our fate purely in the hands of the Gods, or is it our right to craft and guide our own destiny. It is not the Gods that rule our destiny, this is in the realm of man, to decide what is our course through life is to be. With our destiny in our own hands we mould our lives in time.

Like the winds we are free to take the direction we please, and go forth with as weak or strong a thrust as we wish. Like the wind it is wise to sometimes blow weak or strong, depending upon the circumstances or timing.

Look within the depths of your mind to seek, to search for, the answers to your life, what makes the trouble, toil and strife, what makes the gold in your life. Focus on the things that are good and they will increase and be abundant.

God has more questions for man, than man could ever contemplate to ask God. And how many questions do we have for ourselves. Yet shouldn´t we find the questions to ask both God and ourselves, So that all would become clearer, and ease our searching and wandering, bringing understanding to that for which we search. These questions would bring answers, to each and every soul, and make the path easier to comprehend.

Will I bleed on the fields of other men's vindication, cast to the dust to die and rot. Taken from all I love and all that loved me, Destined to wander the halls of time, waiting for those long lost friends left behind.

Time is a concept, Brought upon us solely for the purpose of control. Control of our lives and all it's actions. In reality time is a figment of our imagination, so to speak. Time given reality will confine and control us. But time is flexible and open to manipulation. Why did man go to the effort of creating time, if not to control other men, for their own end and gain.

Don't be afraid of what today or tomorrow will bring, for it is just part of an illusion called life. As time passes, these things will loose their relevance and their meaning. Only consider the big picture, the end goal. Your rise to a spirit of the universe, immortality.

Things all around us are full of their own experience; a one day old chair is composed of base material as old as the earth itself, which has stored experiences from ages long gone. All matter and things are continually experiencing and absorbing what is going on around them, both seen and unseen, both known and unknown, some we can not yet comprehend. Vibrations of everything that happens from everything in the cosmos are transmitted everywhere and absorbed by everything.
What are we to do, when lies are forced upon us as truths, and truths are branded as lies. In Time will our eyes also deceive us, as our ears now do today.