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You can never relive the moment, so treasure it, for it will soon be gone.
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Message - Though you may be bound by many of life's chains, your mind is forever free, if you give it the chance to be so.

Thought - What question would you ask if the answer would bring untold knowledge - for example, what is infinity? Even if the answer is available, could we understand it; could we even begin to comprehend the concept?
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December 2002. Addidional content was transfered to the RSRC site

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From November 2003 Spirit-Works has been transfered to a subdomain address, which basically was done to facilitate major updating of the site. This site is the online version of the Spirit-Works and Spirit-Trials projects, which are research systems into the throughts the mind generates if given the freedom required to express the spirits wishes, hopes, dreams and desires.

February 2004. Work on making the interface of SpiritWorks simpler

January 5, 2007. The original quotes and poems on the site had been updated to new coloured fonts for easier reading.

November 24, 2008. Finally the modernizing of the SpiritWorks site, the tempalte has been updated. The format has been simplified but the messages within the works are unchanged.

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The heart is not the soul of the universe, nor is the mind the sole source of thought.