Mystic MessagesChronicles Word of Wild Imaginings Transforms Rhyme and Reason Liberations
Within rhyme there is reason and within reason there is rhyme. The rhythm, rhyme and reason of life flows in us all and we must alway place utmost effort into achieving the harmony of our being.

Will I bleed on the fields of other men's vindication, Cast to the dust to die and rot, Taken from all I love and all that loved me, Destined to wander the halls of time, waiting for those long lost friends left behind.

Like seeds that fell from trees in Autumn time, that now in spring lie rotting on the ground, Are we.

Tranquility is a state of the mind, desired by the soul, to calm the spirit, and make the body free from stress.?

Will I ever see this place again, or will it be lost within my memories. Forever destined to remain, like a dream once had, Lost between reality and an endless mass called time.

You will never be lonely, for I will be here with you forever, to guard you, to guide you, and to comfort you.

The flower could not speak, so it expressed everything in its beauty. But what if it could have spoken, what words of wisdom would have been heard.

Within the bounds of our lives we are destined to wander, not knowing whether we shall live or die, surviving day by day, year by year, until time for us is no more.

We strengthen the chains that bind us by our acceptance of complacency.

The only thing you can take with you when you die are your memories.

What are we to do, when lies are forced upon us as truths, and truths are branded as lies. In Time will our eyes also deceive us, as our ears now do today.

Oh life that gave me all so much, can also take away all that I have.
But what I hold dear are the memories, which forever are mine alone.
The only thing you can take with you when you die are your memories.