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These pages are dedicated to bring you original thought provoking ideas about life and its purpose, that through contemplation can offer you some answers to the meaning of your existance.

Time is but unto itself an illusion made of dust, With each second it blows away, Until all that is left are the memories.

Beyond your wildest dreams, lies the door to your potential reality. Create your ultimate reality with strength of focus and desire, that through your imagination, your expectations can be manifested in reality.
You can never relive the moment, so treasure it, for it will soon be gone.

It is within the confines of our own mind that our present and future is formed.

Love the moment for its simplicity, It may give or take nothing from you, But, for a blinking of an eye, It will have changed so many things forever.

The fleeting moment, that is the essence of a second, Combined with others to form a wisp of time called a minute, Gradually evolving into the hours that make the days, That with the accumulated heart beats become weeks, Giving way gradually to months, that become years, That in conclusion become your dance with time, That finished in the blinking of an eye.